Lea Santos

Lea Santos, Yeshiva University
Indicators of quantum chaos and the transition from few- to many-body systems

Quantum chaos, especially when caused by particle interactions, is closely related with topics of high experimental and theoretical interest, from the thermalization of isolated systems to the difficulties to reach a localized phase, and the emergence of quantum scars. In this talk, various indicators of quantum chaos will be compared, including level statistics, structure of eigenstates, matrix elements of observables, out-of-time ordered correlators, and the correlation hole (ramp). These indicators are then employed to identify the minimum number of interacting particles required for the onset of strong chaos in quantum systems with short-range and also with long-range interactions.


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Due to unforeseen technical reasons we were not able to record Lea's talk. However, some of her previous talks cover part of the topics she talked about. You can find them at: