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Igor Lesanovsky

Igor Lesanovsky, Universität Tübingen
Neural network dynamics in open quantum many-body systems

Open quantum systems composed of atoms interacting with light exhibit behaviour that is akin to that of associative memories [1]. This means that they possess stationary states that can be interpreted as stored memory patterns, which are retrieved when the initial state is inside the basin of attraction of a given pattern [2]. The corresponding pattern retrieval dynamics can be observed in actual experimental settings. In these experiments atoms are confined within an optical cavity whose photons mediate long-range interactions [3]. Stored patterns are encoded in the atom-light coupling constants. This setting offers an interesting opportunity for studying quantum generalisations of associative memories and stored (quantum) patterns in this context [4]. Moreover, it allows to systematically construct scenarios in which quantum effects might be beneficial, e.g., for speeding up the pattern retrieval process [5]. I will talk about recent research of my group on this subject, which builds a bridge between classic machine learning concepts, such as the Hopfield Neural Network, and most recent experimental manifestations of synthetic quantum matter.

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